Thursday, 9 February 2017

Operation furniture

After a hectic 5 days I'm glad to be back with an official progress report. I took February 6th to the 8th off of work to try and get as much done as possible and boy did I ever. Given that it needed to be done, and to satisfy Pem with additional material for his game, I decided to focus all of my attention entirely of finishing the furniture. So, with this in mind I'm glad to be sharing the following.

Note: I have to give credit where credit is due and I didn't personally the HeroQuest chest, and this I found on thingiverse here


  • Door stand
  • Treasure chest
  • Treasure chest cardboard
  • Throne
  • Throne cardboard
  • Table
  • Table cardboard 
  • Torture rack
  • Tomb
  • Bookshelf cupboard
  • Alchemists bench
  • Sorcerer's table
  • Fireplace
  • Weapon rack

  • Open door cardboard
  • Closed door cardboard
  • Alchemists bench Cardboard
  • Bookshelf cupboard Cardboard
  • Sorcerer's table Carboard
  • Fireplace cardboard
  • Tomb cardboard
  • Torture rack cardboard

Weapon rack, Alchemist's Bench, Sorcerer's Table, Torture Rack, Tomb, Fireplace, Bookshelf Topper

Chaos Warrior, Throne, Door holder.


  1. This is amazing! Where can I get (pay for) the finished furniture STL/THING files? They look great!

  2. Hi Nathan,
    Thank you so much, it was a lot of fun making these! Unfortunately, I have decided not to make the STL files publicly available for download at this time.


    1. No worries, I just saw that you were working with Pem. I understand! Incredible work, btw!