Monday, 30 January 2017

Hot off the press - Barbarian, updated Dwarf teasers and collaboration details.

Spent a good few hours on Sunday modelling the Barbarian and I am extremely pleased with the results. Unfortunately, as soon as I went to print him I ran in to trouble with the printer - for the life of me, I just could not get the first layer to stick. Eventually, after settings a larger brim size (8mm) and pulling out a bunch of garbage, I got him to start, but the bottom of the base was ruined. I thought the nozzle might be clogged but that wasn't the case. It turns out that the bed was completely out of level. Most likely this is caused by my grabbing hold of it while trying to get my scrapper underneath the piece to release it. In either case, after fixing that issue he came out beautifully.

I also managed to squeeze in a bit of time to work on the Dwarf. As it turns out, my first player character was so far off the mark, I'm surprised I couldn't see it myself. 

I've certainly learned an incredible amount over the course of this weekend; I'm really impressed with the quality of the models and the print quality. There is a lot more to go though, especially when it comes to exaggerating proportions in order to achieve a more detailed print. When I first started using blender, It was very difficult to get a sense of the scale, I cannot express enough how helpful having Pem's 3D scans has been. Without a doubt it has accelerated my progress significantly, since having a rough guide / template for the miniature's anatomy (at the right scale!) is amazing.

Colaboration Details
Pem has expressed that he is already quite happy with the miniature models he's using, and that he would prefer to concentrate our efforts on the furniture. Now, regarding authenticity, he would also like that the cardboard pieces be modelled, which would require additional work from me (albeit small) since I planned on actually modelling everything in detail, using some of that famous artistic freedom I'm not entirely known for. I'd rather have a detailed piece then a plastic box in the shape of a  card board cut out. Additionally, I'm not really in this for the nostalgia, since I've never actually played the game. At the very least , this gives me the opportunity to get back in to UV mapping and texturing, this way I could provide him with the complete package. So, expect some furniture in the near future as well.

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