Thursday, 5 January 2017

Monoprice Select Mini officially ordered.

Took the plunge and ordered myself the Monoprice Select Mini from yesterday along side a spool of 1.75mm grey PLA filament. This comes after having watched and read approximately 18 hours of YouTube videos and blogs on 3D printing as a whole, as well as the pros and cons of DIY versus pre-assembled printers. Reviews were extremely positive for this relatively low priced model, costing approximately $345.00 CAD after all was said and done.

One indispensable resource so far has been the MP Select Mini Owners subreddit, which is surprisingly active. I was able to find the answer to several questions I had, from swapping heatends and nozzles, to printer upgrades and modding.

While waiting, I plan on brushing up on my box modelling skills using Blender, as well as putting together a list of parts I'd like to immediately print in order to improve printing results. Note to self...look through your spare parts for a 40mm fan to either add to or replace the one coming with the MP Select Mini. As it turns out, it is imperative to have efficient cooling for prints to come out well.

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